Medical Refrigeration Service 

Akrit Commercial Refrigeration serves hospitals and healthcare facilities in the Greater Milwaukee area with the highest-quality repair and service for medical refrigeration products. A malfunctioning or improperly serviced refrigeration unit can compromise the integrity, efficacy and safety of critical items, such as samples, vaccines, and medications, leading to costly losses and compromised patient care.

Our skilled technicians have years of experience servicing a wide range of ultra-low temperature freezers, vaccine refrigerators and freezers, and other medical refrigerators, including the following brands:

Follett HealthcareNorlake ScientificHelmer ScientificPCHIbiThermoFisher Scientific


We use genuine manufactured parts and follow industry best practices to ensure your equipment operates at the original manufacturer specifications. We also take a preventative approach to identify and address potential problems, and recommend all our customers schedule regular maintenance to avoid costly emergency service.

Ensure your medical refrigeration units remain in optimal condition to avoid costly losses or compromised care. Schedule a service call today.

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